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Q: Does intTuition have classes during the holidays?

A: A notice will be given to the students by the tutors a few weeks before the class on whether a class will be held or not on the holiday.

Q: What is the class size per class from intTuition?

A: The maximum size is 50 students.

Q: What streaming platform does intTuition use?

A: Our streaming platform is Zoom.

Q: If the student joined the class in the middle of the month, what would the fees be like?

A: The fees would be charged based on the amount of classes they will be attending in that month.

Q: Is the tuition fee refundable?

A: No, the fees are not refundable once payment has been made for the month.

Q: What are the payment methods?

A: The payment for the monthly fee can be made via online transfer to our Maybank account.

Q: How would a student register for a class at Inttuition?

A: By navigating to the 'Register' page on our website.

Q: When must the monthly fee payment be made? 

A: Payment for the monthly fee must be made within the 1st until the 3rd of each month.

Q: What happens if the monthly fee payment is not made by the latest allowed date?

A: The slot for the student will be opened for other students to enroll as they will be considered no longer enrolled in the class and therefore lose access to the month's classes. The student is free to re-enroll as long as the slot is still available.

Q: What are Q&A Classes? How do they work?

A: Q&A classes are conducted weekly for an hour every Friday via Zoom, and are separate from the tuition classes. This class focuses more on the questions asked in exams, and leave more room for students to ask the tutors questions regarding each chapter of their subject.

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