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  • What personal information is collected at our Website and how is it used?
    1. Information You Directly Provide through this Site We collect personal information directly from you to do all the things typically associated with Websites. Examples of the information we collect include name, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, demographical information, and responses to survey questions.This information is collected at various places: for instance, when you register with us. Please ensure that you only submit email addresses of individuals with whom you have a personal or family relationship and who would want to receive the message from you. We use personally identifying information to do things like: - Open an online account at your request. - Personalize your online experience with content, advertisements and offers that are tailored to your interests and purchase history - Provide customer service, whether it’s responding to a request or following up on an order. - Include you in surveys and contests. - Enable you to post your content, such as comments or images. - Facilitate networks of online social activity centered around our products and services. - Improve our Website, improve the manner in which offers are made on our Website, improve purchase decisions of our visitors and the interactions that visitors have with our Website. - Enable you to interact with third-party content service providers, whether by linking to their sites, viewing their content within our Web environment, or by viewing our content within their Web environment. 2. Information We Observe or Collect through Technology a. Navigational Information When you visit this Website, we collect navigational information, such as browser type and version, service-provider identification, IP address, the site from which you came, and the site to which you navigate. Navigational information doesn’t contain your name, address, phone number, email address or other information that directly identifies you. However, we may associate this navigational information with your personal information if you provide it. b. Cookies To better understand what you do while on our site, we use a browser feature known as a cookie. A cookie is a small data file that’s stored by your Web browser on your computer. It’s used to do things like see how you navigate our Website, specifically what you click on. This helps us improve our site, provide better customer service.
  • For information about your options with respect to cookies, see “What choices do you have over how your information is used?”"
    1. Information Others Observe or Collect through Technology Third-party service providers help us provide certain features on our site and analyze our visitor’s site and purchase preferences. They may also help us deliver ads to you about our services through banner ads when you visit other Websites (sometimes referred to as “online network advertising”). The following provides more information about these service providers and the choices you have with respect to their services. 2. Features We use third-party services to provide certain features on our Website. These third parties use some or all of the technologies described in Information We Observe or Collect Through Technology to provide these features. 3. Analysis We contract with analytics companies to better understand your use of our Websites, and Web capabilities like embedded widgets. These third parties may serve surveys to determine satisfaction with the Website and then tie the responses to actual behavior on the Website, which will allow us to improve our Websites and Web capabilities. 4. Advertising We contract with third-party advertising companies which may, in turn (1) place, use, and rely on, cookies and Web beacons when you interact with us through our Websites and our email to obtain information about customer interactions with us; (2) help us determine which of our services you may like, based on both your online and offline (e.g., in-store) shopping histories with us.
  • How does this Website interact with third-party Websites and content?
    We may enable you to navigate to third-party sites and services, or otherwise display third-party content. We do this for your convenience. We don’t endorse or generally have any affiliation with these third parties. And we don’t control and aren’t responsible for their Web practices. Whether the third-party content appears within our Web environment (like a map frame), or you leave our Website for another site to view it, those service provider’s terms, conditions, and privacy policies govern your online experience (unless there’s a conspicuously posted statement by us that says otherwise). Please view their terms of service and privacy policies, if you have any question about their practices. Here’s a partial list of the sites or content of these third parties: 1. Interactive Maps We may facilitate easy access to the online maps of content providers like Google. There you can get quick location, driving, and contact information for our stores. 2. Sweepstakes, Contests, and Survey Sites We may rely on the expertise of third-party service providers to run sweepstakes, contests, and surveys. Navigation to these sites may be seamless so that it appears you’re still in our Website environment. In these cases, the third-party’s privacy policy may apply to any personal information you provide in connection with the event. So please take note of who’s running the event in question; and the terms, conditions, and policies that apply. 3. Social Networking or Other User-Generated-Content Sites, and Other Websites We may at times facilitate easy access to third-party sites, like social networking sites and other sites that host user-generated content. This may include easy click-through access or even “single sign-on” to these sites. The third-party’s privacy policy applies to any personal information you provide at these sites.
  • What choices do you have over how your information is used?
    1. Email If you’re receiving Le Maream commercial email, you may stop future delivery by following the removal instructions located at the bottom of each email or by completing the removal from e-mail form. Opting out of any of these emails will not stop operational or transactional messages such as password-reset or account related information from the brand or line of business in question. We may occasionally provide you with the opportunity to opt in to receive email messages from third parties. If you do opt in, we’ll share your e-mail address with the specific third party in question. Please review their privacy policies to see how they treat your personal information. 2. Mobile Messaging If you’ve signed up for mobile text messaging offers but later decide you no longer wish to receive offers, simply follow the opt-out instructions included in the mobile message. 3. Cookies, Clear Gifs, and Online Network Advertising You may always choose to block cookies or even clear cookies from your computer. Simply follow your browser’s instructions on how to block and clear cookies. Note that blocking cookies may not block the “first-party” cookies that are placed on your computer when you visit this site. By first-party cookies, we mean those cookies (whether placed by us or a contractor) that help us see how visitors use our site, and enable us to deliver our ads on our Websites and other Websites. Otherwise, clearing cookies after each visit here will prevent observations from multiple sessions being aggregated over time. Please consider the consequences of blocking or clearing cookies. Many Websites rely on their cookies to provide you with services or features that you have requested or expect. If you decide to block cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all the features offered on our Website. With respect to cookies used as part of a survey, if you do not want the use of cookies to associate survey responses with your behavior on the site, you can elect to not take the survey. If you want to opt out of the display of our online advertising, which appears on other Websites, and which is based on the association of your online information with your offline information through interactions with us (purchase information, in particular), then please click the preference icon that may appear on such advertising.
  • How do we secure your information on our site?
    This Website has the following types of security measures: limited access data-centers, firewall technology, and secure-socket-layer (SSL) certificate authentication. SSL is encryption technology that provides security for information that’s transmitted over the Internet. While we implement the above security measures on this site, you should be aware that 100% security is not always possible.
  • Where is personal information stored and processed?
    We may store and process personal information in Malaysia and other countries.
  • Whom should you contact with questions or concerns?
    If you have general questions about our Privacy Policy, or the manner in which we or our service providers treat your personal information, please feel free to contact us. Phone: 017 - 9456218 E-mail:
  • When was this policy last updated?
    If you’re concerned about how your personal information is used, please visit our site often for this and other important announcements about This Privacy Statement is effective September 29, 2020. Your Privacy Rights IntTuition collects various types of personal information about you during the course of our customer relationship, both online and offline. Under Malaysia law, we provide you with a cost-free means to opt-out of our sharing of your information with third parties with whom we do not share the same brand name, if the third party will use it for their direct marketing purposes.
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